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Columna Edicions

A reference point for narrative and a pioneering publisher in Catalan non-fiction tendencies

Columna Edicions is a leader in Catalan publishing. Founded in 1985, it offers a multi-disciplinary catalogue of fiction and non-fiction that connects with a wide audience. It currently possesses one of the finest catalogues of books by Catalan authors, featuring Emili Teixidor, Ferran Torrent, Empar Moliner, Maria Barbal, Toni Soler, Antoni Pladevall, Albert Villaró, Sílvia Soler and Martí Gironell, combined with the publication of translations of works by notable contemporary writers such as Jonathan Franzen, Tom Wolfe, Mathias Enard, Åsa Larsson, Federico Moccia and Stieg Larsson. Columna traditionally published mainly narrative works, but nowadays thanks to genre diversification, it also publishes non-fiction.

Columna is alert to trends among its audience and is very active in various non-fictionlines, where authors popular with the general public are prominent. In general interest, these include Valentí Fuster, Carles Torrecilla and Jordi Basté; in self-help, Joan Corbella and Josep López Romero; in cookery, Carme Ruscalleda and Marta Carnicero, and among celebrity authors, the team of the television programmes Polònia and Crackòvia and Andreu Buenafuente.

Since 1997 Columna has awarded the Nèstor Luján Prize for historic novels. It also awards the following novel prizes: the Prudenci Bertrana Prize, the Pin i Soler Prize and the Carlemany Prize for the promotion of reading.