Grupo Planeta

Editorial Planeta Colombia

Promoter of the culture and development of literature in Colombia

Since its foundation in 1966, Editorial Planeta Colombia has been a leading company in general interest publications, and has made valuable contributions to the culture and development of the book industry in its country. Since 1994, it has awarded a prize that recognises the career of an important Colombian journalist and publishes one of that journalist’s previously unpublished books.

Its fictionline prominently features writers such as Jorge Franco, Mario Mendoza (Biblioteca Breve Prize 2002), Héctor Abad Faciolince, Santiago Gamboa, Mauricio Vargas, Juan Gossaín, Enrique Serrano, Efraim Medina, Juan Tafur, Fernando Quiroz (runner-up of the Planeta - Casa de América Prize 2008) and Juan Esteban Constaín, among others.

In non-fiction, Editorial Planeta Colombia has put together a solid collection of biographies, reference works and books on history and current affairs, including both first-person accounts and journalistic reports. Figuring among the latter are works by eminent journalists such as Germán Castro Caycedo, Enrique Santos Calderón, Alonso Salazar, Patricia Lara, Gerardo Reyes, Jorge Lesmes, Édgar Téllez and Antonio Caballero.

Planeta Colombia also has a substantial collection of reference texts, history, luxury books on art and regional architectures, practical books and self-help titles.