Grupo Planeta

Atresmedia Studios

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Atresmedia Studios produces the group’s audiovisual content, which is renowned for its quality and prestige, and is the core of its business. With this division, Atresmedia uses the brand and the quality of the productions under the Series Atresmedia brand to monetize its product and carry out projects for third parties, especially OTT platforms.

Since it was created in late 2017, Atresmedia Studios has taken part in several productions, expanding the Atresmedia business model. These include El embarcadero for Movistar+ and the production and launch of Pequeñas coincidencias for Amazon Prime Video, which was the first Spanish series to be launched on that platform.

It also intends to adapt and produce the novel La templanza, published by Planeta, for Amazon Prime Video.

The division dedicated to the business of filmmaking, Atresmedia Cine, was integrated into Atresmedia Studios in 2019 with the philosophy that the content is the business. This allows Atresmedia Studios to reinforce its situation as a global factory and operator of audiovisual content in fiction and entertainment.