Grupo Planeta

Salsa Books

Individualised books on cookery and food

In 2003, Grup 62 launched this new editorial  line of books on cooking and food topics in Catalan, Spanish and English. Each book has a different format and design according to each project. Names such as Carme Ruscalleda, Santi Santamaria and Sergi Arola form part of the catalogue. It saw great success in publishing the newly released books of prestigious dietician Michel Montignac, for whom it is the Spanish-language publisher.

The imprint has specialised in books on sweet confections of all kinds and creative sugar decoration, without overlooking, of course, the leading authors. Books are in full colour, with step-by-step photographs to initiate us in the fantastic art of cake decoration. Also underway is a new line of handicrafts books that link up with the current tendency of recovering the “handmade” products so typical of our grandmothers, which had been lost but with some updating offer a very entertaining pastime that provides a release for the stress of the lives we lead and is enticing increasing numbers of people by the day.