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Temas de Hoy

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Created in 1987, Temas de Hoy has become a leader in non fiction aimed at the general public, especially in the thematic areas of essay, political and social current affairs, psychology and health. In harmony with the evolution of contemporary readers, it has gradually developed fresh lines in genres such as current affairs, humour, personal development, communication, biographies, songbooks, eye-witness accounts and narrative.

Many consolidated authors launched their careers with Temas de Hoy and today its catalogue continues to provide new reference points for the literary world, such as Carlos Fonseca, Reyes Monforte and María Dueñas. The extraordinary success of El tiempo entre costuras, a gripping novel that skilfully blends espionage, history and colonial exoticism, shows the great capacity of Temas de Hoy to promote original and quality projects that entice all kinds of readers to the bookstores.

The excellent reception enjoyed by some of the Temas de Hoy successes has overflowed the edges of the paper with works such as Trece rosas rojas, by Carlos Fonseca, Diario de un skin and El año que trafiqué con mujeres, by Antonio Salas and Un burka por amor, by Reyes Monforte being adapted for the big or the small screen.