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Major themes from open, challenging and critical viewpoints

Bronce is a publishing house founded in 1996 and specialising in books focusing on essay, critical thinking and current affairs by both Spanish and foreign authors. The works in its catalogue aspire to encourage reflection and discussion regarding major issues that concern the world, while challenging the dominant and politically correct opinions. For this reason Bronce is receptive to critical and committed contents of a militant, empathetic, thought-provoking or alternative nature.

Testimony from people directly involved in the issues addressed allows readers to approach these realities from a critical viewpoint. With this premise, Bronce features in its catalogue authors of international acclaim such as Kurt Vonnegut, Barry Gifford, Ricardo Semler, Morgan Spurlock, Daniel Estulin, Dawn Annandale, Tom Hodgkinson, Francine Prose, Sami Naïr and Jim Marrs.

In summary, Bronce provokes reflection and debate on ideas: it opens up new paths, swims against the current, is militant and plural. Bronce stands for commitment, challenge and the future.