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Alienta Editorial

Easy-to-read, entertaining books on personal and professional development

Born in 2006, Alienta Editorial has two different collections: Narrativa Empresarial and Alienta Novela.

The former deals in depth with the business world offering tools for the development of companies and their staff. These are short, practical books that interlace training and entertainment and reduce the complexity of the business world to make it more accessible. It combines young authors with signatures of long experience in the world of work: teachers, business executives and senior management staff who throughout their careers have had to overcome challenges, resolve conflicts, launch new products or lead groups.

Its international authors include such prominent names as Suzy Welch, Ben Mezrich and Patrick Lencioni. And among its national authors, there are some heavyweight media signatures such as Josef Ajram, Christian Gálvez, Àngel Llàcer and Miguel Illescas.

For its part, Alienta Novela, which was launched in March 2010, represents the first collection created by a Spanish company to publish, solely and exclusively, business novels.